Stress & Anxiety Relief Chews with Hemp for Dogs - 30-Chews Pack

Pet stress relief Supplement – Calming Dog Chews with Hemp, L-Tryptophan, and Thiamine – All-Natural Formula for Small and Large Breeds - 30 Soft Chews

No matter how big or small, your puppy may be suffering from anxiety when faced with seemingly stressful situations such as being left alone at home or a car trip. If your dogs’ behaviour is hard to manage and you can really see your pet struggling, it’s your time to act. Luckily, it is now easier than ever before with our amazing anti-anxiety supplements for dogs, a natural supplement that can do wonders for your dog.


WHAT YOU NEED: If your dog is more anxious and tends to stress out when left alone at home, on an airplane flight or during a simple car trip, we have a simple solution, the amazing stress relief chews by Super Paws Vitacare, an all-natural dietary supplement that can help with anxiety and stress.

PREMIUM FORMULA: This anxiety supplement for dogs is enriched with natural Hemp seed, L-Tryptophan, and Thiamine, powerful ingredients that can help in the case of restlessness, erratic behaviour, excessive barking, anxiety, and stress. You can help your puppy relax and lose some of the stress with a simple chewable treat!

IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: We all know that our dogs tend to become anxious before a trip. Luckily, the Super Paws Vitacare anti-anxiety chews can help with regulating the mood, appetite, and sleep of your pup, as well as dog obedience. Your pet is easier to handle with our amazing supplement.

100% NATURAL: One of the best parts about this incredible pet anxiety supplement is that it has an all-natural formula that does not affect your dog’s cognitive system or overall health. The natural supplements are non-GMO and free of grains and artificial colours.

FOR ALL DOGS: One of the best parts about this premium natural supplement is that it can be used for any breed or dog size due to the amazing all-natural formula. Your dog can be more relaxed and lose some of the anxiety with the help of these amazing chews.


The amazing stress-relief supplement by Super Paws Vitacare is your number 1 solution for keeping your pup well-behaved and calm during stressful situations. The powerful ingredients can fight anxiety and stress in an all-natural way, so you don’t need to worry about your puppy being affected by side effects. Remember, our pet supplements are all-natural and non-GMO for a safer experience.


  • The Super Paws Vitacare anxiety supplement is a great solution for stressed or scared puppies.
  • May be used to promote dog obedience and barking control.
  • Powerful formula enriched with Natural Hemp Seed, L-Tryptophan, and Thiamine
  • 100% Natural, no artificial colours, flavours and grains.
  • No unnecessary fillers or inactive ingredients, we use the highest quality ingredients in Australia.
  • Ideal for all dogs, regardless of size and breed.
  • Pack of 30 chewable supplements
  • 60 day supply for 5 kg Dogs
  • Australian Made

Help your Dog with anxiety and stress with the amazing Super Paws Vitacare formula!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
colin gebert
Masstaff jumpy and shakes

I give her 3 chews per day , she has quietened a little than before .I will be interested to see what the next 10 days bring

Robyn Thomas

Some effect, but still barking unnecessarily.

Kim Wals
chilled out

Thanks to calming chews for helping my dog to chill out and not stress when the frightening rubbish trucks arrive on bin day. The bin day frights have been replaced with a calm relaxed morning nap. No more pacing, panting and trembling..... Thank you so much

Sharon Burton
Less Skittish

We have noticed a difference since our elderly fur baby started on the chews. He seems to cope much better with storms and also household noise. He loves them and we will definitely continue him on them.

Susan Buchanan
Relaxed Pooch

My baby ain't as jumpy as she was before starting the chews

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